Founded in 1976 in New Orleans

Pontchartrain Materials Corporation, LLC prides itself on our 40+ years of experience, our quality of operations, and strong commitment to servicing the construction industry for its aggregate needs.

Our History

PMC was founded in 1976 as a Shell Dredging Company, producing clam shell from Lake Pontchartrain.  At the time, our main business consisted of supplying Oklahoma Cement Company and Loan Star Industries raw material for the production of cement at their mills in eastern New Orleans.  As the years passed, many changes occurred with the closing of the cement mills which left PMC developing a wholesale and retail business for the sale of clam shell to contractors and other general businesses.

With the cessation of Shell Dredging in 1990, PMC diversified and began handling limestone aggregates as well as recycling concrete.  Limestone and recycled concrete, which is the main force of our business today, are used as base material for highways, streets, parking lots and driveways.  We presently operate four aggregate yards, East Bank, West Bank, Slidell and LaPlace, which allows us to offer the most competitive price to our customers in New Orleans and the surrounding areas.

Aggregate Sales

Our aggregate products have a wide array of uses, ranging from major road construction projects to residential driveways.  At present, PMC supplies aggregates to asphalt and ready mix concrete plants in the New Orleans area.  In addition, we furnish material for federal, state, and local municipality construction projects as well as to many individual businesses and residential homeowners.

Marine Aggregate Construction and Supply

Pontchartrain Materials Corporation is licensed in both Louisiana and Mississippi in heavy construction.  Our marine department supplies unloading and placement equipment along with our aggregate materials and Rip Rap for construction and foreshore protection projects.